5 tips for selecting rising superstars

5 tips for selecting rising superstars

I’ve been chatting about Recruiting recently (Interview Questions, Interview Prep, Tackling Resumes) and here’s some more on the same theme.

I found this article in Human Capital Magazine (Issue 9.08). I love it for a couple of reasons:

1. I love a quick list
2. I think they’re right!

Here’s the five points:

1. Understand what can be taught (skills) and what needs to be brought (attitude)

2. Advertise or brief an agency based on both the attitude and skills that you are looking for

3. Invest the time to talk to applicants by phone – it’s hard to pick an awesome attitude AND skills you are looking for

4. Ask ‘unusual’ questions at the interview to get ‘below the surface’ and see what makes someone tick

5. Use behavioural profiling to understand the natural talents of candidates

This article was sourced from Rookie Recruits – Tackling the Talent Crisis white paper. Check them out here.

When you’re recruiting especially in the current economic hard times, it’s crucial to get it right. Use whatever resources you can; an agency, profiling, behavioural interviewing.

My biggest tip…recruit everywhere you go…think about point 1; be looking for a consistently great attitude and then investigate your options.



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