The Top 7 Social Media Trends that will Dominate 2014

So is Social Media getting bigger or are people getting tired?

Jason DeMers has outlined the Top 7 Social Media trends that he believes will dominate 2014. Here they are:

  1. Investment in Social Media will become a necessity not a luxury
  2. Google+ will become a major factor
  3. Image-centric networks will see huge success
  4. We’ll witness the rise of micro-video
  5. Foursquare will decline sharply
  6. My Space, love it or hate it, will grow
  7. LinkedIn will become a major player for B2B growth

Interesting…I suspect that the thought that Social Media will become a necessity will be absolutely true for businesses but I wonder that as most platforms are free perhaps there may be opportunity for paid services.

Let’s see.

Kathy Smail



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