Today I need…

…a full day of peace and quiet to get some work done…so am working on the details now!

Hmmm may involveĀ severalĀ cups of tea, maybe a hint of chocolate and a small child on her way to daycare.



Wow…no result from the Federal Election yet…

Well, I’m sitting at the computer watching the tally rooms and predictions. There’s no answer yet and maybe wont be tonight.

I get quite passionate about us making our votes count. It’s a very different world now than it was a few elections ago when seats were easily settled one way or the other. Now it can come down to the wire and everyone’s vote does actually count.

I’d love to see a forum where every voter can get real information about ‘how’ the systems work rather than all the propaganda.

Hmmm may have to work on that for next election.



Today, I can’t live without….

My shiny new Samsung i8000 phone. I have access to the net (finally) and I can now keep up with clients and email while on the run.

It’s taking a bit of getting used to as it’s quite different than my old one but waaaay cool’er.

I’m tech’ed’ up and mobile!



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