What does Social Media mean to you?

Social Media can be many things; at times a friend but others an enemy.

Erik Qulaman (author of Socialnomics) has used the following words to describe it.┬áSocial Media is…

  • Living
  • Breathing
  • Young
  • Old
  • Frustrating
  • Mysterious
  • Now
  • Powerful
  • Fluid
  • Raw
  • Your Customer
  • Revolutionary

I’d like to add some of my own. I think that Social Media can be…

  • Passionate
  • Unruly
  • Supportive
  • Isolating
  • Creative and/or
  • Overwhelming

But the most telling is that Social Media can be a school yard! There are…

  • Friends
  • Enemies
  • Cool Kids
  • Nerds and
  • Sportstars

The really big one is that there are so many unwritten rules and often you wont know what they are until you bump into them. How rude is that?

It’s a big bold world and it can take us many places!

What do you think?



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