Making $ work for you

Today I want to encourage you to look outside the usual options for gaining publicity for your business.

Here are 3 ‘out of the box’ ideas:

  • Approach a local school or community group that fits in with your values and offer them either product or $ to use as a fundraiser in return for exposure . (Then go to your suppliers and ask for a deal or be savvy about any recent specials you have access to)
  • Look for any local business groups that hold breakfast or events and offer to sponsor part of the catering or give a product or branded giveaway to each attendee. You’d be surprised how often this works.
  • If you are a serviced based business, offer a free consultaltion to members of local schools or groups. You may just have to wait until they are looking for some additional giveaways for parents or members.


Kathy Smail

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