Kathy Smail is one of the leading Social Media Customer Engagement Consultants in the marketplace.
Following 12 years of small business marketing, general management, human resources, process design & development and strategic business positioning, she has most recently strategically visioned, created, developed and lead a successful Social Media Team over several platforms with exposure to over 400,000 customers.
Under her leadership, she has navigated organisations through situations presenting significant brand damage potential while maintaining the business interests and building the team in terms of competency and capability.
She uses a risk management approach to Social Media to anticipate potential for escalating issues and mitigate impacts.
Kathy’s tenacious approach to marketing, customer resolution, attention to detail and provision of a robust process for accountability and continuous improvement has ensured that she provides an unique offer to businesses, not-for-profit organisations and volunteer organisations.
Her experience, embracing nature and dynamic approach can be YOUR key to success!
Kathy and the KJS Team can help in many ways. Click here for more info.





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